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PT. Telkom Indonesia Tbk

PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia, Tbk. (TELKOM) is the largest telecommunication and network services provider in Indonesia. Telkom Group is the only state-owned telecommunications enterprise as well as telecommunications and network service providers in Indonesia. Telkom Group serves millions of customers throughout Indonesia with a complete range of telecommunications services that includes fixed wireline and fixed wireless connections, mobile communications, networking and interconnection services and Internet and data communication services. Telkom Group also provides various services in the field of information, media and edutainment, including cloud-based and server-based managed services, e-Payment services and IT enabler, e-Commerce and other portal services.


TELKOM has implemented several SAP ERP modules and various SAP Product including SAP CRM. SAP CRM is an application that supports the core business of TELKOM, particularly in the management of corporate customers in the Division of Enterprise Services (DES), and Division of Wholesale Service (DWS).

Starting 2010, Abyor has been entrusted to implement roll out for Division of Business Services (DBS), new division in TELKOM managing low-middle customer category. The solution of SAP CRM at DBS such as mass updates and input tools is significantly helpful for executing transaction at SAP CRM instantly. This is a favorite solution for Account Managers that they can execute, hence DES and DWS requesting this solution be duplicated to their divisions. Abyor is also entrusted to develop module “Services” at Division of Wholesale Service (DWS) using Web UI technology, managing support of customer service using reliable database from SAP. This solution is set as a benchmark to other divisions, where after implementation, the solutions installed to DES and DBS.

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