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PT GMF AeroAsia

GMF AeroAsia is a subsidiary of Garuda Indonesia that maintains Garuda Indonesia's aircrafts. It is the largest Indonesian aircraft maintenance company with hundreds of global customers. 


SAP GMF Remediation was implemented in a Data Cleansing and Business Process Improvement project in a 6-month timeframe, which started in July, and Go Live at December 2011 with a project maintenance overview for 1 year after Go Live. The need of a GMF to prepare valid data in a SAP system propelled this project in conjunction with increasing the size of the company. 

Valid master data and reparation towards the business process that created flawed data in the first place became the main output of the project. With the SAP BIBO implemented, the creation of a KPI Report came underway, with it the management of GMF became assisted in the handing of planning and improving business.

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