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PT Abyor International (Abyor) is an international Information Technology (IT) services company. Serving a global client base, we provide comprehensive, efficient and effective IT solutions that would help improve company performances. We deliver transactional services, consulting and technology services, system integration and managed services.

We Listen

Listening to your specific needs is the first and the most important step that we do. We serve as consultant and advisor to you. Your needs are our priorities and should be identified correctly. We listen, and listen, and listen. We analyze the end-to-end processes, gain thorough understandings of each process points, and then offer you THE BEST POSSIBLE IT SOLUTIONS to improve your business and operations through IT implementation, Software Optimization, Software Upgrades, as well as Application Management Service and Software Customization.

A Team of Experts' Work

Serving you does not rely only on individual expertise. We make sure that the knowledge and experts are always within and across reach to meet the industries - dynamic challenges. Together, we identify, formulate, plan and implement THE BEST POSSIBLE IT SOLUTIONS for you.

Standardized Methodologies

Standardization of best practices for specific industries is the key to ensure that the steps we are taking in serving you is of the proven steps - the most effective, efficient, and productive. At Abyor, we standardize systems, product knowledge, and implementation steps to ensure cost effectiveness and timely delivery of projects in meeting your needs.

Integrated Solutions

Each company is unique. Customization is unavoidable. To smoothen the implementation post-Go Live, we make add-on programs to the standard modules if deemed necessary. We also make our own industry-based modules to better suit your company needs.

Trusted Partner of key enterprise software and software-related services companies

We are trusted by key enterprise software and software-related services companies such as: SAP (Gold Partner), NetSuite, Software AG and ELO. Our consultants are recruited and trained regularly to ensure that they possess and master this knowledge.

Effectiveness in Total Costs of Ownership

The faster the projects Go Live, the more cost effective the total costs of ownership. We share the same objective - this is your goal and our goal. We strive to achieve this by accurately identifying your needs, working as a team, and standardizing methodologies.

02 September 2014

Event August 18, 2014

SAP ERP SKK Migas Ceremonial Go Live Event August 18, 2014 @ Gedung City Plaza, Jl Jend Gatot Subroto No. 42 Jakarta

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